Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories – Underground Bunkers, Murals and More

Blucifer Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Denver International Airport is not just the largest airport in the United States, but is also the centre of several conspiracy theories, all of which we will discuss today.

Exorbitant amounts of money spent on development? Check.

Weird murals and paintings indicating the involvement of Neo-Nazis and the NWO? Check.

A red-eyed blue horse symbolic of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse? Check.

Underground tunnels and alleged bunkers for the elite to live in while the world is destroyed? Check.

What are the Denver Airport Conspiracies?

There are in fact several conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport. Let’s start with the runways.

DIA Runways Make a Swastika

denver airport swastika runways

Can you see it? The Swastika is just the start though. For those who aren’t familiar, the Swastika, while being a symbol of good luck in ancient religions, is now known as the emblem of the German Nazi party and associated with evil.

Denver International Took $4.8 Billion to Complete

The problem is not with the $4.8 Billion sum, but the fact that the total cost of the airport was $2 Billion over the budget. Something that conspiracy theorists are quick to point out as evidence of the fact that there is more to the airport than meets the eye.

DIA’s Dedication Stone has the Symbol of Freemasons

Denver International Airport Dedication Stone

You can clearly see the Masonic symbol on the Denver International Airport’s dedication stone and also, if you look closely, it says March 19, 1994 – add up 1+9+1+9+9+4 = 33, which happens to be the highest degree of the order of free masons.

If that’s not enough. It also says New World Airport Commission…what is that all about? Does it ring of New World Order to anyone else?

Oh and let’s not forget the time capsule buried under the stone, to be unearthed in 2094.

DIA has Five Underground Buildings and Tunnel Networks

According to a former airport construction worker at the DIA, the airport was so far behind the scheduled completion time because of five multistory buildings that were constructed under the airport first.

The worker also revealed the presence of tunnel networks, which may just be home to the rail system.

Conspiracy theories however say that the DIA bunkers may very well be NWO command centres and shelters for the global elite in the case of world ending scenarios. We can really validate the truth of such claims however. Not unless we join the ranks of multi billionaires and get invited to secret society meetings where they offer such services.

DIA Had Weird, Symbolic Art in Paintings and Murals

Some of the artwork in the airport was just plain creepy and weird. Take a look below.

Denver Airport Mural Controversy

Denver Airport Mural Controversy

Denver Airport Mural Controversy

Conspiracy theories suggest that the art work depicts the end of the world via biochemical agents, leading to the New World Order’s rise. The artist, Leo Tanguma denies any such connections and people point to the fact that the artwork was selected by a panel.

But you can’t really ignore the creepiness of it all and the not-so-hard-to-believe symbolism.

Blucifer, the Blue Devil Horse of DIA

We can’t forget Blucifer either. The red eyed demon horse many conspiracy theories relate to the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, also known as Death.

Denver Airport Mustang Devil Horse

Whether it is true or not, the Mustang is scary with its red glowing eyes and standing 32 feet high. Incidentally, or rather tragically, the horse killed its maker, Luis Jimenez, who was injured when the horse was being moved – an injury that led to his death.

Here’s a nice small video done on the DIA Conspiracies by BuzzFeed.

Interesting excerpt from The Chive:

“President Obama was in Denver Sept 27th last year when Comet Elenin passed by the earth, “barely missing” us by 22 miles. Some say, that if the comet would have struck earth, it’s back to the stone-age for us. Nonetheless, their was a chance that it could have hit and President Obama was conveniently ushered to Denver… which, in my opinion, adds more to the existence of not only a military bunker, but also the largest, most advanced bunker in the US – because the President wouldn’t go to some half-ass bunker if there was a threat of complete world destruction. Just sayin…”

Verdict: There is no doubt that the Denver International Airport is the centre of several unexplained observations. Moreover, there is no doubt as to the existence of the buildings under the airport, the only thing in doubt is their actual use, which according to airport authorities is storage. As for the symbolism in the murals and the blucifer statue, one can question the sensibility of such obvious symbols if the airport was indeed a secret end-of-the-world hideout for the elite. But then again, the powerful do like to laugh in the face of the powerless, sometimes not so subtly.

Here are some sources we referred to in our research about Denver Airport Conspiracies:

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